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The Parallel Existence of Lebron James and John Cena

In All Kinds of Sports, Basketball Stuff on June 14, 2014 at 4:38 am

Cena and Lebron

Listening to sports talk radio today, I heard the 8,456,377th discussion of whom or what people think LeBron James is or is not. I keep hearing why he is not a part of the great pantheon of NBA royalty and why other guys are better. It kind of took me to a discussion that wrestling fans have about John Cena. Both maybe the most polarizing figures of their respective professions. As I began to examine both men and how they are viewed they have a lot in common. Enough that I decided to post this both on the Kind of Like Sports and on Ring Time Pro Wrestling pages.

James and Cena are both apart of the first generation of athletes that are viewed through the scope of social media. The constant flow of Twitter and Facebook allow fans to debate the greatness of these versus the prior generation’s superstars. James has never been able to escape the shadow of Michael Jordan and constantly being told no matter what he does that he will never be a Jordan. Cena faces similar critiques that is no Stone Cold Steve Austin or will never be The Rock. Both are said to be the stars of what is believed to be the lesser era of their league or company.

Cena rose to the top in 2004 when he defeated the Big Show at Wrestlemania XX. He was not number 1 draft pick like James. The powers that be in the WWE expected Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar to be the unquestioned face of this generation. James on the other hand from day 1 had to prepare to take on the ghost of NBA past. Both have risen to the top and no matter how much they accomplish they still are dealing the comparisons to completed careers that happened prior to them. Both of James and Cena’s legacies are still being written.

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Lebron Won’t Do Your Dunk Contest

In Basketball Stuff on February 26, 2013 at 12:52 am

Lebron Dunk 2It seems like every year around NBA All-Star game time we hear the push for Lebron to enter the dunk contest. Each year fans are disappointed that the Heat star does not throw his hat in the ring. There will always be an expectation of a high flying player is in the 6ft 6in plus range to enter the contest. The comparisons of James to Michael Jordan are what mostly fuel the speculation. Unfortunately for the fans James will more than likely not enter the dunk contest and he probably shouldn’t.

If he was going to ever enter the competition it would have been at the beginning of his career. At this point there is nothing to gain for Lebron by entering the dunk contest. At best he can win and most of you will not be that impressed. If he loses to a lesser known player it will just be another thing to throw at him. Right now the speculation of what could be is the best thing for him. His legacy will not be defined by contest but by championship rings.