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The Falcons Are In Trouble

In Atlanta Area Stuff, Football Stuff on December 16, 2013 at 1:34 am

Falcons QB

The Atlanta Falcons did beat the Washington Redskins today. Guess what that is the good news Falcons fans because here is the hard truth. This team sucks. Now of course a team is 4-10 cannot be good but this may be worse than you think. They just played as bad as a football team you and barely won the game. Now there are no free lunches in the NFL but when you get a 3-10 team at home playing with a back-up quarterback you shouldn’t be sweating this game out.

The team has 4 wins this season against the Redskins, Tampa Bay, Rams and Buffalo. They have not provided any kind of streak or ability to put things together one week to the next. With your wins being over teams that are a combined 17-38 (the Rams are still playing while this is being written) you have not convincingly beaten any of them. All of their wins are by one score.

This team showed cracks last season by letting big leads go and having to scramble to win at the end. This season they just could not scramble to win later or couldn’t make the big plays later on. They got lucky this week but no team should only win by one point at home against a backup quarterback in a game where their foe game up 7 turnovers. Not to mention Kirk Cousins passed for 381 yards and 2 touchdowns. If it wasn’t for his 2 interceptions which not from good defensive play by the Falcons but from bad throws from Cousins, the Falcons may have not won this game.

I know some of you are holding out for the hope a top draft pick but then what happens after that? First of all this draft pick you have has to live up to expectations, but that will only fix one position on the team. Your offensive line is one of the worst in the NFL. I could argue that you don’t have one player on that line that could start for another NFL team. Your Hall of Fame tight end that you begged to comeback is not coming back next season. There is definitely a problem on that defensive line and getting a pass rush. So yeah this team could be in trouble for a little while.


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Keith B. Holt
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