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The Parallel Existence of Lebron James and John Cena

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Cena and Lebron

Listening to sports talk radio today, I heard the 8,456,377th discussion of whom or what people think LeBron James is or is not. I keep hearing why he is not a part of the great pantheon of NBA royalty and why other guys are better. It kind of took me to a discussion that wrestling fans have about John Cena. Both maybe the most polarizing figures of their respective professions. As I began to examine both men and how they are viewed they have a lot in common. Enough that I decided to post this both on the Kind of Like Sports and on Ring Time Pro Wrestling pages.

James and Cena are both apart of the first generation of athletes that are viewed through the scope of social media. The constant flow of Twitter and Facebook allow fans to debate the greatness of these versus the prior generation’s superstars. James has never been able to escape the shadow of Michael Jordan and constantly being told no matter what he does that he will never be a Jordan. Cena faces similar critiques that is no Stone Cold Steve Austin or will never be The Rock. Both are said to be the stars of what is believed to be the lesser era of their league or company.

Cena rose to the top in 2004 when he defeated the Big Show at Wrestlemania XX. He was not number 1 draft pick like James. The powers that be in the WWE expected Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar to be the unquestioned face of this generation. James on the other hand from day 1 had to prepare to take on the ghost of NBA past. Both have risen to the top and no matter how much they accomplish they still are dealing the comparisons to completed careers that happened prior to them. Both of James and Cena’s legacies are still being written.

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What Does The Sterling Sale Mean?

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Donald Sterling Sale

This week in the ongoing Donald Sterling saga, there was some news made. Sources report that Sterling has commissioned his wife to look for suitors in which he can sell the Los Angeles Clippers. After that new release there were a few people out in the media who looked at this as a win for the NBA and the rest of us for getting rid of Sterling. Really it’s not any kind of victory for anybody except for maybe the NBA and Sterling.

Now I am not saying we as a society will not be any better for Sterling remaining the owner of the Clippers but his sale will not force any kind of social change. The NBA would love for him to get rid of the team and not go into a long legal fight. The other owners don’t want to spend the money for courtroom judo it will take to snatch the team. The NBA needs to get rid of the public relations nightmare and remove what they want you to believe is the last racist in their ranks.

For Sterling all of this is a win for him. He may want to sell right now because have the Clippers ever been hotter. They have Doc Rivers under contract as a coach and superstars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul to compete for a title for the next few years. They are the hottest team in the 2nd largest television market in America. The Milwaukee Bucks sold for 550 million dollars and they suck and don’t even have an arena at the moment. A team that Sterling purchased for 12.5 million dollars 33 years ago can now sell for over 1 billion. That may very well be the one of the greatest profits in the history of business.

There are no shortages of suitors who want to purchase the Clippers. Rumors have floated around with names like Oprah, Magic Johnson, David Geffen and Grant Hill putting together teams to purchase the club. That does not include how many non-celebrities who have money to burn that wants to invest in professional sports, which might be one of the safest business deals going right now. That will give an 81 year old man a lot of more cash to buy buildings that minorities can’t live.

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New NBA Sheriff’s

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The NBA is deep inside of the playoffs. For the other 26 teams that are not playing anymore the off season has officially begun and for some that means it’s time for new leadership. There are 2 vacancies that have recently been filled and 5 jobs as of right now that are still available. We here at Kind of Like Sports will talk about how the proceedings have went so far.

Steve Kerr gets the Golden Ticket

Steve Kerr

Easily the most talked about name in this summer’s coaching vacancies was Steve Kerr. Kerr is a former player with a few championship rings to his credit. He has never been a head coach or an assistant but with the success of guys like Mark Jackson and Jason Kidd kind of eased team’s fears of that lack of experience. Kerr’s relationship with Phil Jackson and the speculation of him going to the Knicks may have driven the price up.

Kerr has taken what is seen to be the best available job in the coaching market with the Golden State Warriors. A playoff team with a superstar sharp shooting guard leading the way, they may be only a move or two away championship contention. With a 5 year deal worth 25 million he will definitely get his chance to grow in a market that is not as intense as New York.

The Pistons Roll With Van Gundy

Stan Van Gundy

The Pistons hire their 1st post Joe Dumars coach in Stan Van Gundy. The former Orlando Magic head man will also have Dumars old position as Head of Basketball Operations. So the coach will get shop for his own groceries. Not have the trigger happy Dumars over his should, Van Gundy can get a chance to settle in mold a team in his image. He inherits strong piece in the middle in Andre Drummond but unfortunately he also gets Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith with the deal too. Van Gundy will also have to decide what to do with the talented Greg Monroe who seems to be good trade bait. He is 20 million under the cap and has a lottery pick in this year’s draft so he has all the opportunities in the world to succeed.

Minnesota Timberwolves
The Wolves were 40-42 last year and have one of the top players out there in Kevin Love. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Kevin Love is a free agent in 2015 and may want to spend the rest of his good years with a contender. The Western Conference is already stacked up. They do have some pieces with Ricky Rubio at the point and maybe an impact scorer away from getting into the playoffs. They also have a lottery pick in this year’s draft. May not be a great spot for a veteran coach but maybe a great proving ground for an up and comer.

The Knicks On The Clock

New York Knicks

The Knicks are one of the two vacancies that are the most intriguing and high profile. A storied franchise in the world’s biggest market will definitely be a pressure cooker. The job of bringing New York’s premier basketball team back to prominence is one of high risk and high reward. Here is the good news Phil Jackson will have your back and you have an owner who is not afraid to cut the check. The major obstacle is that roster that even with Melo gone next year would over the cap. So the first year or two there will be some growing pains. The Knicks do not have a lottery pick to come in and make an instant impact either. Tim Hardaway Jr and Iman Shumpert are the young bright spots on an otherwise aging roster with big contracts.

This job is definitely for the strong willed who can take the scrutiny of the New York media market. That being said they are in the Eastern Conference where getting in the playoffs doesn’t even require a winning record. A coach with strong name recognition or a solid background as an assistant would be ideal for this spot.

Oh Cleveland
The good news for Cavalier fans is that there are only 30 of these jobs in the world so somebody will take it. After firing Mike Brown for the 2nd time Cleveland is looking for another coach. Let’s look at the tape here. You got a an owner who writes sensitive letters when a player leaves and Cleveland doesn’t really have the free agents breaking down the door. There are not too many people who volunteer to live in Cleveland. Kyrie Irving is there but his contract should be coming due soon so that maybe another departure also.

Getting Jazzy in Utah
The Jazz are a small market team with a lot of potential. This might be one of the sleeper jobs out there that is available. They have some solid young pieces in guys like Derrick Favors and Trey Burke and they have a lottery pick this year’s loaded draft. Not sure if the ownership is ready to spend big but the money is there, the Jazz will have about 30 million dollars in cap room. The downside is that they are in the loaded Western Conference but for a young hire energy coach this might be a dream job.

Showtime in LA

Kobe LA

You only get a few shots at jobs like this one. How many times do you get to coach the Yankees in baseball or the Cowboys in football? Well this is one of the 3 marquee jobs in the NBA with the Celtics and Knicks being the others. The good news is that Kobe Bryant will be back for the next 2 years and the bad news is that Kobe will be back for the next 2 years. The world does not know exactly what a Kobe in his mid-30s recovering from a major injury will provide. The Lakers never see themselves as rebuilding but more retooling.

They do have 30 million in cap space and will have 40 million in the 2015 summer and generally don’t have a hard time attracting free agents. The downside is that this job comes with high pressure and the last 2 guys who had this job didn’t last too long. Their fans expect championships and they are not used to waiting.

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Lady Jackets Drop a Tough One

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The Lady Yellow Jackets suffered a tough loss to Wolfpack of N.C State today, by the score of 80-73. The Wolfpack were led by Len’Nique Brown’s all around effort of 17 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. The Yellow Jackets saw strong scoring performance from Tyaunna Marshall who dropped in 23 points and 7 assists for the 13-7 Lady Jackets.

The game started off quick for N.C State with some good outside shooting from Myisha Goodwin-Coleman who 16 points on the afternoon. The outside shooting for the Wolfpack was one of the highlight areas for them as they went 9 for 22 for the evening compared to Tech’s 4 for 18 on the afternoon. The Wolfpack also had 5 players in double figures to provide a well-balanced effort.

The Yellow Jackets were able to obtain a lead after halftime but that quickly disappeared and when N.C State took control over the game again they never lost it. The 2nd half was more about timely buckets in the paint for the Wolfpack and some very solid free throw shooting as they went 19 for 26 in contrast to the Jackets 11 for 20. The Wolfpack are now 18-3 and 5-2 in the ACC and will take on #6 Maryland on Thursday night. The Yellow Jackets who are now 3-4 in the conference will host Clemson on Thursday night at McCamish Pavilion.</div.

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NBA 30 Games In

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Heat Pacers

The NBA is almost 30 games deep into their season. At this point in the season we get a good picture of who these teams are. The Eastern Conference has clearly become a two team race. It’s the Heat and the Pacers and everybody else are just hanging around. The currently third place team in the East is the Atlanta Hawks with a 16-13 record. No other team in the conference has a winning record.

Now in the West things seem to be a lot more competitive. The number 9 team in the West which happens to be the Denver Nuggets at 14-13 would be the 4th seed in the current Eastern Conference. The left coast seems to be up for grabs with few teams who could challenge for a spot in the finals. There a few teams in both conferences that I find interesting and will follow throughout the rest of the season. Of course I am going to share them right here.
Atlanta Hawks


The Hawks came into this season a different team than they were last season. They have a new coach and star Josh Smith has taken his talents to the Motor City. The team appears to be competitive in a down conference. The NBA doesn’t really reward you for being a middle of the road team. Either you need to be competing for Championships or building with high round draft picks. The Hawks seem like they are far away from a championship. They have a few good pieces but no star. In this current time in the league that is usually not a recipe for success. Now with major injury to Al Horford the Hawks will have to some shuffling. We will see if GM Danny Ferry can make some big moves and take this team to the next level.

Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons

After a few years of losing the Pistons might have something going. They are only 14-16 but that’s good enough for 7th in the East right now and only a game or 2 out of 4th place. They could actually host a playoff series in the 1st round if they play their cards right. As the East plays each other more I expect the records to gain some more balance. Their frontcourt of the newly acquired Josh Smith, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond seems to be posing matchup problems for the rest of the league. Brandon Jennings appears to be a positive acquisition but he started off really well in Milwaukee also before he wasn’t that welcome anymore. Right now the team appears to have a few parts that could be moved. Greg Monroe could be attractive to a team that may want a solid big man. With the emergence of Drummond and them having Smith makes him expendable. Maybe pick a good wing player who can defend.

Phoenix Suns


The Suns are 17-10 and seems to play teams tough every night. Behind current coach and former Suns player Jeff Hornacek this team seems to be on the right track. Not a team loaded with mega stars but there is a lot of potential on this roster. Getting Eric Bledsoe from the Clippers has been a nice addition. They are a well balanced team that has 7 players that average double digit points per game. One of my favorite stories of this season comes from the both of the Morris twins being on the team and doing well. I will definitely be watching to see what happens with this team for the rest of the season.

San Antonio Spurs


The San Antonio Spurs appear to be ageless. Here are after a long emotionally draining NBA Finals and the Gregg Popovich still has his team clicking on all cylinders. At 23-7 and 3rd in the West the question is can they hold up? Duncan and company are all getting on in years but they still keep coming back. Pop is of course pulling off one of his great coaching jobs where he is just plugging in people you probably never heard of and making them contributors. Whetehr it is reviving the career of Boris Diaw or finding guys like Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard, Popovich keeps plugging them in. Can’t wait to see how they keep moving through this season.

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Lebron Won’t Do Your Dunk Contest

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Lebron Dunk 2It seems like every year around NBA All-Star game time we hear the push for Lebron to enter the dunk contest. Each year fans are disappointed that the Heat star does not throw his hat in the ring. There will always be an expectation of a high flying player is in the 6ft 6in plus range to enter the contest. The comparisons of James to Michael Jordan are what mostly fuel the speculation. Unfortunately for the fans James will more than likely not enter the dunk contest and he probably shouldn’t.

If he was going to ever enter the competition it would have been at the beginning of his career. At this point there is nothing to gain for Lebron by entering the dunk contest. At best he can win and most of you will not be that impressed. If he loses to a lesser known player it will just be another thing to throw at him. Right now the speculation of what could be is the best thing for him. His legacy will not be defined by contest but by championship rings.

The Lakers Have Become Wet Paper

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Lakers Paper
The Los Angeles Lakers of 2012-13 are the classic example of a paper team. The problem with a team built on paper is that it doesn’t account for real life issues and personalities. The numbers and names that you see do not always fit well together. So basically what you end up with is a wet piece of paper. There is nothing you can really do with wet paper. You can’t write on it or make origami with it. It either has to wait to dry or throw it out and start all over.

The Los Angeles Lakers of 2012-13 are the classic example of a paper team. The problem with a team built on paper is that it doesn’t account for real life issues and personalities. The numbers and names that you see do not always fit well together. So basically what you end up with is a wet piece of paper. There is nothing you can really do with wet paper. You can’t write on it or make origami with it. It either has to wait to dry or throw it out and start all over. The belief that D’ Antoni and Steve Nash would rekindle their Phoenix fire would be the magic pill for the team was never a good idea. The fact is that this coach has failed miserably at one premium job in the NBA and wasn’t that successful as the Suns head coach.

The second wrong turn the team made was picking up Dwight Howard. Initially it sounded like a great idea. The most dominate center the NBA has seen in the last 6 or 7 years could join Kobe Bryant. The world has seen what Kobe can do with a dominant inside compliment. The problem is that Howard exposed himself as a head case in Orlando last year. That same type of behavior has resurfaced this year in LA. The good news that he can opt not to resign next year but that means you traded Andrew Bynum and got nothing for him. Maybe the Lakers can trade Dwight mid-season but what can they get for him and will that fit with them.

Right now at 17-25 the team is 12th in the Western Conference standings. So basically if they made a run and into the playoffs their opponents would be the likes of the Spurs, Clippers or Thunder. A early round playoff defeat would not help anyone. In the NBA you have to be either really good or really bad. A middle of the road team just seems to get stuck.

The team over all is financially top heavy and doesn’t have much of a bench to look too. Kobe Bryant is play excellent but is in the last years of his career. For whatever Steve Nash brings you offensively he will get burned on defense by the Russell Westbrook’s and Chris Paul’s of the world. Without some kind of major intervention this paper will not dry off anytime soon.

What Is This

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easports pix

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