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Lady Jackets Drop a Tough One

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The Lady Yellow Jackets suffered a tough loss to Wolfpack of N.C State today, by the score of 80-73. The Wolfpack were led by Len’Nique Brown’s all around effort of 17 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. The Yellow Jackets saw strong scoring performance from Tyaunna Marshall who dropped in 23 points and 7 assists for the 13-7 Lady Jackets.

The game started off quick for N.C State with some good outside shooting from Myisha Goodwin-Coleman who 16 points on the afternoon. The outside shooting for the Wolfpack was one of the highlight areas for them as they went 9 for 22 for the evening compared to Tech’s 4 for 18 on the afternoon. The Wolfpack also had 5 players in double figures to provide a well-balanced effort.

The Yellow Jackets were able to obtain a lead after halftime but that quickly disappeared and when N.C State took control over the game again they never lost it. The 2nd half was more about timely buckets in the paint for the Wolfpack and some very solid free throw shooting as they went 19 for 26 in contrast to the Jackets 11 for 20. The Wolfpack are now 18-3 and 5-2 in the ACC and will take on #6 Maryland on Thursday night. The Yellow Jackets who are now 3-4 in the conference will host Clemson on Thursday night at McCamish Pavilion.</div.

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So When Does Belichick Apologize?

In Football Stuff on January 24, 2014 at 3:19 pm

Bill Belichick

This week Richard Sherman apologized for his post game outburst during his interview with Fox’s Erin Andrews. Still it appears to be a hot topic in the world of sports reporting. To me it wasn’t that big of a deal and I didn’t have an issue with Sherman. The person I had the biggest problem with after Sunday’s championship games Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s assertion that Broncos wide receiver intentionally tried to take out Aqib Talib of the Patriots. I felt that was a pretty low for a coach to make that kind of accusation against a player.

Pick plays or “rub routes” are not that uncommon in football and are used more often by the Broncos and weird enough the Patriots. There was no call by the officials on the field and the play did not appear malicious. But according to Belichick “I think it was a deliberate play by the receiver to take out Aqib. No attempt to get open….” and he followed up with “I’ll let the league handle discipline on that play. … That’s one of the worst plays I’ve seen.” Well the league officials made their ruling and decided that there was no ill intent on the play.

There is a history between Welker and Belichick as Welker was a Patriot for six seasons prior to playing in Denver this year. His departure from New England was due some problems with negotiating his new contract. In a lot football fans minds it appeared to be sour grapes after a game against one of his former standout players. Maybe Bill was just being a sore loser or maybe he legitimately thought that Welker was being dirty. With almost a week gone by and a chance for the league to rule and him to see the tape, it’s time for Belichick to be classy and apologize to his former player.

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My Premier League Team

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Premier League

With the ever increasing popularity of soccer here in the United States it has dawned on me that I need to find a Premier League team to root for. American Football is ending soon and I will have some extra time in sports watching. Now because I have no roots in Europe and don’t have any real bias it is hard for me to pick a team to ride with. Not that I need a team but it makes it more interesting when you care about who wins and who loses.

Most of my sports fandom comes from some kind of relationship to the school or team. I was born into being a Lions, Pistons, Tigers and Red Wings fan. Living in Atlanta has made me appreciate Georgia Tech, Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Hawks teams. None of that exist for me in the soccer world. Now I could go chalk and pick Manchester United but that’s no fun and I don’t jump on bandwagons, so this is actually a real decision for me. I have never had the luxury of picking my team in a sport so I am going to have fun with this one.

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The Lions Go With Caldwell

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Jim Caldwell

The Detroit Lions will introduce their 26th head coach. Former Colts head coach and Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell will try to do what no man has done in 56 years and make the Lions a winner. The Lions apparently missed on former Cardinals head man Ken Whisenhunt. Caldwell beat out freshly booted Gary Kubiak (Texans) and Mike Munchak (Titans) to take over Detroit. Not sure if this head coach will work out for the Lions but at least he has a resume that makes you believe he can fix some of the problems with the team. That being said I do have my concerns.

Caldwell has the kind of background that the team says that they were looking for. He is a former head coach who is offensive minded. His Colts teams had two winning seasons before being fired for a 2-14 season. That last losing season most will give him a pass for due to his star quarterback not playing the entire season. The team also had plenty of injuries throughout the team and who has won in the NFL with Curtis Painter under center? The belief is that he could a good tutor for Matthew Stafford. Caldwell is a long time quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. The fact that a big part of his resume is that he coached Peyton Manning and not sure how much credit a coach gets for his development.

Caldwell does get a lot of credit for pushing the 2012 Ravens offense to the Superbowl after taking it over at the end of that season. His mentoring of a young Joe Flacco is believed to be the difference in their season. In 2013 Caldwell was not able to follow up on the success. Baltimore finished 26th in total offense this season. They were 30th in rushing and 18th in passing offense. That can largely be attributed to the offseason fire sale that the organization went through. Ray Rice was never 100% and Flacco really didn’t have a lot receiving options.

It appears that any of Caldwell’s shortcomings in the NFL come with extenuating circumstances. He is spoken extremely high of by former players and coaches that he has worked with. One of the major issues with the Lions last season was discipline. Being a disciple of Tony Dungy, Caldwell definitely get this team in line. Hopefully he can push Detroit in the right direction with some wins in the playoffs.

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Tide Rolling With Kiffin

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Lane Kiffin Coach

The idea of Lane Kiffin being the next offensive coordinator at Alabama seems crazy to some people. To me it seems like a good idea. Nick Saban appears to respect Lane’s ideas for running an offense. Maybe that visit a few weeks ago was more than just Saban asking young Kiffin about some ideas. Now after listening a lot of sports talk radio here in Atlanta I see a lot people don’t see this as a good hire. I on the other hand think this is a pretty good pick.

Most people who call this a disaster hire are probably speaking out of feeling and emotion and not looking at this analytically. Sure Kiffin was not successful as the head coach of the Trojans. Being a good coordinator and being a good head coach are two completely different animals. Guys like Norv Turner and Wade Phillips have sucked as the men in charge but are sought after coordinators. They are actually so good at being coordinators people keep giving them head coaching jobs. Not to mention the USC program is dealing with NCAA sanctions that forced scholarship limits on them making it a harder program to run then it used to be.

Now maybe you want to point at his other stops before coming home to USC, cool I will take those on. The thing about Oakland was he just took a job that he was not ready for, too much too soon. To fair to Kiffin name a successful Raiders coach since Jon Gruden. Now his tenure at Tennessee was short and it he ruffled some feathers in the SEC. That maybe while people in Atlanta call in to hate him every chance they get. That being said they were a solid program for the season he was there but he wanted to be at his dream job. Not worried about the off field talking too much with Nick Saban being in charge at Alabama.

The last job that Lane Kiffin excelled at was being the offensive coordinator at USC. During his tenure of 2005-2006 the Trojans were one of the most prolific offenses in all of college football. Now of course I am waiting for the first detractor to say “well he was loaded with talent”. Yes and doesn’t that sound like Saban’s Alabama teams. Under Kiffin USC averaged 49.1 points per game and had a 3,000 yard passer and two 1,000 yard rushers in the same season. The team was 23-3 while Lane was calling the plays in southern California. That being said I am sure the experience at being at a big time program like USC he won’t be overwhelmed by the pressure at Alabama. Nick Saban is a smart man with 3 of the last 5 National Championships, I am pretty sure he has thought this through.

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