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Ring Time Pro Wrestling is Back

In All Kinds of Sports on February 27, 2013 at 4:52 pm

Ring Time LogoJoin Ring Time Pro Wrestling Tomorrow as they make their return. Live at 11am on BlogTalkRadio the Ring Time crew will be back to talk about some professional wrestling. It should be some fun times.
Ring Time Is Back – Mania Season 02/28 by Ringtimeprowrestling | Blog Talk Radio



Lebron Won’t Do Your Dunk Contest

In Basketball Stuff on February 26, 2013 at 12:52 am

Lebron Dunk 2It seems like every year around NBA All-Star game time we hear the push for Lebron to enter the dunk contest. Each year fans are disappointed that the Heat star does not throw his hat in the ring. There will always be an expectation of a high flying player is in the 6ft 6in plus range to enter the contest. The comparisons of James to Michael Jordan are what mostly fuel the speculation. Unfortunately for the fans James will more than likely not enter the dunk contest and he probably shouldn’t.

If he was going to ever enter the competition it would have been at the beginning of his career. At this point there is nothing to gain for Lebron by entering the dunk contest. At best he can win and most of you will not be that impressed. If he loses to a lesser known player it will just be another thing to throw at him. Right now the speculation of what could be is the best thing for him. His legacy will not be defined by contest but by championship rings.

Johnny Football Goes Online

In All Kinds of Sports on February 21, 2013 at 3:26 am

Manziel HeismanThe details of Johnny Manziel’s class schedule hit the news cycle this week.  The Heisman Trophy winner will be taking all of his classes at Texas A&M this semester online.  His reasoning for this is because due to his new found celebrity it is too much of a distraction to be in a classroom.  This seems to have caused quite a few sports talk radio host to get their panties in a bunch.  They tend to feel that Manziel should have a more traditional class schedule.  The reality is this not a big deal and these old guys just want to see this young man do things their way.

The critique seems to come mostly from the media members who are over the age of 40.  The classes are offered by Texas A&M and most are offered only online.  For those of us in the 21st century online learning is very popular.  These classes have been evaluated by the governing bodies that accredit institutions of higher learning as valid courses.  Most universities are making major increases in their online offerings.
Manziel playing
Manziel seems to be a polarizing figure amongst the sports fan base.  Like many college athletes he rubs a lot fans wrong who want to live in the student athlete fantasy.  Where the kid goes to class and struggles the way they did in college but entertains them on Saturdays.  Sports radio host tend to pander to these types of fans.  They want kids to struggle they way they had to struggle.  Manziel is a different athlete for a different time.

He has a million twitter followers hanging on his every move unlike most of the past college sports icons you can name.  I am pretty sure that his celebrity is a campus distraction.  This actually seems like a very smart way to handle business.  So he wants to handle his education differently than what people expect.  That is his choice to do so.  Let’s just enjoy the touchdowns and leave his life up to him.

Does The IOC Even Care About Sports

In All Kinds of Sports on February 16, 2013 at 2:09 am

Wrestling IOC
The International Olympic Committee decided this week that wrestling was not going to be one of the 25 core sports. Starting in 2020 wrestling will have to fight with 8 other sports for slot in the games. Despite being one of the original sports that were part of the first modern Olympics in 1896, wrestling is now forced to fight for a spot. The situation makes me wonder something about the organization. Does the IOC even care about sports?

The way this was done was by a secret ballot because the parties involved did not want to have own up to whom individually help the sport lose its position in the Olympics. Is it possible that the people in charge of wrestling did not pay the proper fee to keep their sport around? You have wonder who in their right mind would think that dressage was a more respectable sport than wrestling. Can anyone name the most recent dressage medalist without the help of Google?

There are other sports that do not even come close to the competition that wrestling brings to the table. There is no way of convincing me that badminton, table tennis (ping pong) or sailing belong in the Olympics. Wrestling is a great sport that is the ultimate competition. It is one on one to prove who the best is. Both parties bring all of the strengths and weaknesses to the mat and see who comes out on top. I guess the IOC doesn’t have time for those kinds of athletic events anymore.